What You Should Know about a Bed Bug Control Kit

Bed bugs are small parasites that can get into your linens, clothing, furniture, and of course beds and wreak havoc in your home. These tiny pests sustain themselves by sucking blood from their victims, which leave behind swelling, red, itchy bumps, and discomfort. Discovering you have these bugs is disheartening, but that is where the bed bug control kit comes in. With the right kit for the job, you can successfully get rid of these difficult annoyances.


What is a Bed Bug Control Kit?


These kits normally consist of aerosol spray for killing these bugs on contact. This spray is very effective in getting deep down between crevices and folds of your mattress, box spring, clothing, carpet, or furniture where bed bugs like to hide. You will also typically see a duster applicator in the control kit as well. Insect growth regulator is also a main component in a bed bug control kit to keep the infestation from further expanding. When all these tools are used together, your bed bug problem can be successfully treated.


When to Use a Control Kit


The bed bug control kit should be used at the first sign of an infestation. You can find this out by inspecting your bed in search of present bed bugs or a trail of dark brown bed bug fecal matter stains. You should search beneath the mattress and around the box spring and inside any tufts or folds of the mattress and spring. If you find bugs or a trail of them, a bed bug control kit should be used immediately. Also, many small kits can treat an entire house if you are concerned about the infestation spreading throughout your home.




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