How to Kill Bed Bugs in One Fell Swoop, Part II: Bed Bug Spray

bed bug sprayBed bug spray is a common method used for killing bed bugs and/or preventing them. Sprays are very easy to use and you can use them virtually anywhere. At the first sign or suspicion that you have bed bugs, you can use bed bug spray in and around affected areas.

All of our bed bug spray is effective but our featured and recommended products are:

  • Phantom – The largest benefit of using Phantom is that it is effective on all strands of bed bugs, even those that are insecticide resistant. You can also use it to control other pests such as ants, roaches, crickets, scorpions and more. It can be used commercially and residentially and offers long –residual, non –repellent control.
  • Sterifab – Sterifab can be used on many surfaces including upholstery, mattresses, wheelchairs, etc. It is not only a bed bug control product it is also a top miticide (kills mites), virucide (kills viruses) and bactericide (kills bacteria).
  • Bedlam – Bedlam products can be used for many different applications. They can be used on all surfaces including fabrics, wood, walls, etc. It is efficient in treating bed bugs, lice and mites and can last on most surfaces for up to two weeks. It can decrease the amount of egg hatchings and works on insecticide resistant bed bugs.

All three of these bed bug spray brands will help you kill bed bugs quickly and efficiently. These products are not to be used on humans or animals and should be treated with care while using them. Reapplication can help dramatically reduce the risk of further problems.

Monica Bird (949 Posts)

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