Mole Traps 101

Although moles are small animals that spend most of their time living in underground burrows, when they do decide to come out, they can often cause all sorts of problems around your home and lawn. Getting rid of these pests with mole traps is a quick and effective way to eliminate them from your property once and for all.


Mole Activity


Moles are seen in areas such as moist, sandy areas like gardens, lawns, pastures, or woodlands. Your lawn and garden can quickly become the preferred place for moles to show up and wreak havoc on your property. They are known for extensive burrowing which can destroy your yard fast. Their tunnels can range from shallow surface tunnels to deep permanent tunnels and nesting cavities. Eradicating these pests before they make a permanent home of your lawn and garden is crucial to keeping them away for good.


Mole activity can be easily stopped by knowing what to look for. On lawns and in yards, you will notice ridges in the grass and dirt mounds. This also causes lawn mowing to become difficult due to the uneven surface of the lawn. Their burrowing also disturbs grass and plant roots often leading to dead grass and ruined vegetation.


The Benefits of Mole Traps


Of all the methods used to get rid of the nuisance of moles on your property, mole traps are the most successful and practical method. They do a great at both getting rid of your mole problem and eliminating further damage. There are a variety of traps on the market. The most effective style of trap is the type where a broad trigger springs and successfully captures the mole when it tries to burrow where the trap has been set.


Some traps use a harpoon like mechanism that impales the mole with sharp spikes upon arrival to burrow. Another type is the jaw style trap that employs scissor like jaws that clamp down on the mole preventing its escape. Another effective type is the choker loop style that tightens around the mole’s body, also preventing escape.


No matter which contraption you use to rid yourself of these havoc-causing pests, remember to act fast before your lawn or garden are thoroughly destroyed.

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