Don’t Mouse Around: Try Mouse Bait

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rodent control

Why Use Mouse Bait

Mouse bait is an effective and simple way to get rid of mice for good. You can use several different kinds of poisonous baits to get rid of those unwanted critters. The best thing about using bait is that mice will find it without you needing to be there to intervene once you spot a mouse.

Also, while the mice may eat the poisonous bait and perish, there is also the chance that they will take it back to their dwelling and share it with the other mice as well. Mouse bait is easy to come by and is offered in a variety of types for easy finding and using both inside and outside of your home.

Using Mouse Bait in Traps

There are several different types of traps that can be lethal to mice and get rid of them from your home, garden, and lawn for good. The first option is to try using a snap-trap that snaps shut on the mouse while it walks across it in search of the bait. These common traps are very effective in hard to reach places such as behind furniture or along the baseboards. These work good with bait and often guarantee successful capture of a mouse.

Another type is the glue board trap. This option uses a sticky, often sweet substance to lure the mouse and then capture them on the sticky surface. Bait can also be used with the glue traps by simply placing it in the center of the trap to lure the mouse in. Glue traps are good in hard to reach places or along baseboards. They are also good in garages where infestations of mice tend to begin.

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