Easily Catch Spiders with Spider Traps

spider trapsWithout the use of harsh chemicals, toxic pellets and stinky sprays, you can easily and quickly get rid of spider by using spider traps.

Spider traps come in the form of glue boards. They can be placed virtually anywhere in your home, on the wall, in corners, in the garage, on the floor, on counter tops and pretty much anywhere you are having an issue with spiders. Once you place the traps you simply wait for them to fill up. Once you have caught a few spiders, you replace the glue board in order to improve your chances of catching more. You may change them as often as you like, but can be effectively used for up to one year.

Glue boards are great for catching many different pests such as mice, rats, crickets, etc. but are especially beneficial when trying to relieve a spider problem. They use non-toxic, highly sticky glue that catches insects immediately upon contact. Because they do not use toxins or chemicals they are safe to use around children and pets. Just be sure that when you do have little critters running around they are placed out of reach. Another great benefit of using these spider traps is that you may end up catching other pests such as roaches, crickets, ants or other insects which will give you an idea of what pests you should be spraying for.

Many of our customers have been very satisfied with this product and would use it again and/or recommend it to another person. For example, one customer said, “Thank you again very much and if it wasn’t for these traps, I could only imagine how many rodents, spiders, bugs, etc. [you] name it, I’ve caught it. I will be placing an order . . . within the next week or so.” So if you have a spider problem or other small insect problem, trust our superior Catchmaster 72MB Glueboards to get the job done.

Monica Bird (949 Posts)

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