Animal Traps Offer a Chemical Free Alternative to Rodent Control

animal trapsAnimal traps can be used to trap a variety of animals from rats to small dogs. They come in a variety of sizes, prices and types.

Different types of animal traps

Ÿ  Havahart and Humane Way traps- These traps offer a humane and chemical free way of getting rid of larger pests. They can be set up indoors or outdoors and are most effective in areas where the pest inhabits or travels. We offer single and double door traps and recommend that you first monitor the animal in order to successfully trap it. We also recommend that once you have the animal trapped you seek advice on how and where to release it.

Ÿ  Snap traps- Snap traps are more designed for smaller rodents like mice and rats. They too can be used indoors and outdoors, but are mostly seen indoors. They are most useful when they are placed in abundance in areas they are most frequently seen. These animal traps are great because they do not require the use of harsh chemicals. Keep them out of reach of small children and pets and be aware when you are walking around barefoot.

When using any type of trap it is useful to bait the trap but not set it for the first few days. Because many rodents, especially mice, are able to outsmart these traps, you give them the opportunity to learn that the traps are a “safe” place to get food. Traps are a great means to getting rid of rodents and other large pests, but should always be used with caution. Make sure to read all directions and warning labels before assembling or setting the traps.

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