Mosquitoes Won’t Dare Enter Your House: Mosquito Control Products

mosquito controlHave you ever been sitting outside trying to enjoy a beautiful sunset, fresh BBQ or great weather when you are attacked by mosquitos? If you answered yes, which we’re sure you did, you know how frustrating that can be. Not only are mosquitos sneaky little blood suckers, but their bites itch like crazy and in some cases spread serious diseases like West Nile virus.

In order to get rid of these pesky mosquitos you need mosquito control products

ePest Solutions offers a wide variety of mosquito control products that can be used indoors or outdoors and commercially or residentially.

  1. Foggers are a very effective mosquito control product and can be used in a variety of arenas. We offer four brands of fogging chemicals: Hydro-Py 300, Sector, Riptide and EcoExempt MC Misting Concentrate. They are all water-based concentrates that are meant to be mixed with water. Most of them work not only to kill mosquitos but other biting, flying or crawling insects as well.
    1. Truck mounted foggers- Made by Curtis-Dyna and are excellent for professional pest control specialists who are looking for the best truck mounted foggers. They come in a variety of prices and styles to fit your work load and your budget.
    2. Electric foggers- These foggers come in all types such as backpacks and handhelds. They also range in size and price but are all high quality and can be used for any size mosquito problem.
    3. Gas powered foggers- Much like electric foggers, gas powered foggers are great for all types of jobs. The only difference is that they require gas as opposed to running on electricity.
    4. Mosquito larvacides can also be very useful in mosquito control. They work to kill mosquitos in the larvae stage, greatly reducing the size of your infestation and preventing previous infestations. Mosquitos lay their eggs in moist areas, normally where there is standing water. Bactimos Mosquito Control Dunks come in briquettes that can be placed in these areas of standing water (bird baths, old tires, gutters, planting pots, etc. Apply one for each 100 square feet. They can also be broken up to accommodate a few smaller areas.
    5. Mosquito repellents and insecticides work very well to get rid of mosquitos and keep them from coming back again. All of our products have residual effects lasting 28 days or more. Once this time is over, make sure you reapply the insecticide for the best results.

These are three of the most effective mosquito control products that we sell here at ePest Solutions. When you purchase your pest control products you can be confident that you are getting the best quality products. We take great pride in working with and selling products that come from reputable and experienced manufacturers.

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