Havahart Traps: A Humane Answer to Pest Control

HavahartFor those of you who do not want to use harsh chemicals or inhumane methods to get rid of pests, Havahart traps are the right product for you. Our traps are meant to catch many larger pests including skunks, squirrels, moles, raccoons, etc. In the wild these animals are great, adorable and useful creatures that normally belong to a family or pack. However, when they are stinking up your house, digging holes in your vegetable garden or stealing all your nuts, they become a problem.

How Havahart traps work to humanely get rid of pest problems

The first thing you want to do is identify and monitor the animal. You can do this mentally or keep a log of its activities. Take note of its size, color, damage it is doing, where it seems to be coming from, where it goes and how long it stays. You can easily search characteristics online in order to better assist this identification process.

Once you know what kind of animal it is and if there are more than one present, you can begin searching for a trap. We have different sizes and price ranges available and we even have traps with double doors. All of our models are easy to use, easy to bait and are safe for the animals; all traps have smooth inside edges to prevent injury. Due to its sensitive triggers, the gravity-action door ensures a quick catch.

Now that you have your trap, you need to set it. Make sure you read all included directions and safety information before using it. It is helpful to read up on what these animals eat and place those types of foods inside the trap. Try to place the trap somewhere where it is not in plain sight, but somewhere the animal will easily walk into it. You can hide them in bushes or low brush, under decks, behind things or if they are burrowing, or going into a hole you can place the trap outside the hole or borrow.

Now you just wait for the animal to walk into your Havahart trap. Always take precautions to ensure you safety and the safety of others while working with the trapped animal. Most cities have local organizations that will take your trapped pests for you. If there is ANY suspicion of rabies or other disease notify someone immediately upon capture.

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