Talpirid Mole Trap

mole trapMoles are subterranean mammals that are considered pests because they can cause great damage to commercial agriculture, landscape, and gardens. On average they are about 10 inches long and very round. Their back legs are short and relatively useless, but there front legs are short and powerful and have large paws for digging. Moles feed primarily on earth worms, small invertebrates found in the soil and an assortment of nuts.

Using the Talpirid mole trap is an easy and effective way to get rid of moles

The most common and effective ways to get rid of moles are to use a mole trap or mole bait. At ePest Solutions we offer a mole trap made by Bell Labs that has been proven to be very effective in eliminating mole problems. This trap is very heavy duty and can be used over and over or be disengaged and moved to other mole holes. It was specially designed hands-free and is very easy to use and set. Because it only sits ½ inch off the ground when set up, it is very difficult for the mole to detect. In order for the mole trap to be most effective it will also help to reduce insect populations in your yard (the bugs are food for the moles). You can also use mole baits and or mole repellent to increase your success rate and keep moles from coming back.

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