Supplies for Getting Rid of Rats Part III: Rat Traps

rat trapsWhen you are unable to use rat bait due to safety concerns or other reasons, or the smell of decomposing bodies is unacceptable, rat traps are a great alternative.

How to use rat traps

One of the most important aspects of correctly and effectively using rat traps is location. You want to put the traps in places where the rats are nesting or eating or where you know they travel. If the rats are nesting in a hole we recommend placing a few traps in a semi-circle about 2-3 feet from the opening with the open end of the traps facing the hole.

Traps are also the more effective on the first night than any other night so use a large number of traps in order to enhance your success. Another important method is to leave the traps out unset and baited for the first few days. This will teach the rats that this is a good source of food so it will continue to return to the trap once it is set.  If you are only trying to get rid of a small infestation, 2-3 rats, we recommend putting about 12 traps out at a time.

When you are trying to get rid of rats, it is very important to get the right control products and the right advice. It can sometimes be very difficult to get rid of rats because of how smart they are. At ePest Solutions we are proud to offer these professional, high quality rat traps, rat baits and other rat control products.

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