Getting Rid of Bed Bugs Part V: Bed Bug Traps

bed bug trapsBed bug traps are a great way to manage bed bugs and determine how severe your infestation is.

Bed bug traps

Climbup Bed Bug Interceptors are a great tool to stop bed bugs from climbing onto the bed or other furniture and will catch them when they climb down. It is made up of two rings, the inner and outer. The inner ring, called the center well catches the bed bugs when they are climbing down and the outer ring, called the outer pitfall catches them when they try to climb up. They are made at 4 ¼ inches wide in order to accommodate most size legs.

Bed Bug Monitors are used to attract and trap bed bugs. They are best used when you suspect you might have bed bugs or after you have treated them. They can be used in many different facilities including your home, hotels, restaurants, and any other place many people inhabit or frequent. They are not designed to control infestations; they just allow you to monitor the problem, if it exists. You should place monitors and detectors in areas that bed bugs are known to hide such as mattresses, behind headboards and other dark, warm places.

These new and amazing bed bug traps can save you a lot of time and money. They work so well to detect infestations so that you can better protect your home and your family from a larger infestation.

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