Getting Rid of Bed Bugs Part III: Bed Bug Spray

bed bug sprayBed bug spray is by far one of our most popular products. They work very well and you can see a dramatic difference in your bed bug problem within a few days. We have sprays for all purposes including luggage, fabric, furniture, wood, and walls.

Bed bug spray is great for many things

Fabrics- BedLam Bug Spray works great on clothing, bed sheets, curtains, and other fabrics. It kills the bugs on contact and provides residual effects. BedLam is not irritating, water-based and will not stain your fabrics. You can safely use this product in your home, hotels, schools, and other non-food areas.

Mattress- Sterifab Miticide Viricude is great for mattresses and upholstered furniture. One of our gallon jugs will treat 20-25 sets (mattress and box spring) or 8-10 pieces of furniture and the 5 gallon will treat 30-35 sets or 40-50 pieces of furniture. You may not have that many beds or pieces of upholstered furniture in your home, however, we recommend getting the 5 gallon in order to treat and retreat all of your mattresses, box springs and furniture.

Luggage- JT Eaton BedBug Luggage Spray is very high quality and we have found that it works very well, especially for those who travel a lot. One of the biggest concerns of traveling is picking up bed bugs from your hotel room, but with JT Eaton Luggage Spray you can be worry free. Just spray the inside and outside of your luggage before you pack and it will keep your bags protects for 4-6 weeks. If you travel often, you can treat your luggage every 4 weeks to keep those bed bugs away from your stuff. You can also get some of our travel size Essentria Bed Bug spray Repellent to spray your luggage and once you get to your hotel you can spray the floors, the mattress, the bedding, baseboards, furniture or anywhere else that might attract bed bugs.

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