How to Get Rid of Mice by Using Mouse Bait

There is no cuter pest than a mouse. Unfortunately its cuteness is outweighed by how problematic they can be. Mice can eat through wires, wood and cardboard, they leave feces that can produce diseases, they reproduce quickly, they are smarter than your average pest and they are highly adaptable to their surroundings. This makes for a very frustrating extermination process. One of the most successful ways to get rid of mice is by using mouse bait.

How mouse bait works

Mouse bait, also known as rodenticide, is comprised of two categories: anticoagulant and non-anticoagulant. Anticoagulants are used because they take longer to kill the rodents. This is beneficial because the mice then do not associate their symptoms with their eating habits.

Bait stations are used along with baits in order to keep the bait safe from weather and theft. If you’ve ever put out a mouse trap with a piece of cheese on it only to return to a mouse-less, cheese-less trap, you know what that means. Mouse bait stations disallow the mice from taking the bait with them, which allows you to control the amount of bait being used. It will also help to reduce the chances of another animal accidentally coming into contact with the bait.

No matter how many mice you have, how big they are and what they prefer to eat, we have the right mouse bait for you. We know what a headache mice can be and we will help you get rid of the problem and prevent future mouse raids. And if all else fails, we can help you find a good cat.


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