Creating a Web of Protection Around Your Home with Spider Pest Control

spider trapsLong legs and widows and recluse, OH MY! Spiders are one of the most feared species in the animal kingdom. They are not all bad, though; in fact many of them are beneficial, but regardless no one wants them living and nesting in their home. Especially when you have children or pets present, you want to make sure that you get rid of your spider problem. There are many spider pest control solutions that claim to work, however, ePest Solutions supplies our customers with top of the line, professional quality products that have been carefully tested.

Most effective spider pest control methods


Insecticides are one of the most common methods of spider pest control and provide quick and long lasting results. When the spiders come into contact with the insecticide, it sticks to their hairs and during grooming rituals they ingest it and expire. It is recommended that you treat your home once every 90 days in order to have successful results. You can purchase insecticides in liquid form, dust or granules.

Another huge factor in spider pest control is eliminating webs, egg sacks and potential harborage areas. This will cut down the chance of returning spiders and newly hatched spiders. There are tools and sprays that you can use to help in this process. It is also important to seal up all potential access points such as door frames, openings, cracks, etc. No matter what kind(s) of spiders are troubling you, we have what you need to protect your home and your family. Make sure to use all products as instructed, pay attention to all warning labels and contact ePest Solutions with any questions or concerns.


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