Eradicate your Ant Problem with Professional Grade Ant Bait

AntsWhen your home is affected by ants it can be very difficult to get rid of them; many people have ongoing problems with ants. This can get very frustrating and can cost you a lot of time and money. Up until recently people have had to rely on “over the counter” products or on exterminators to help them with their pest issues; however, with ePest Solutions we offer you professional grade, do it yourself products that can help you get rid of ants and many other pests. We offer a large variety of ant control products, one of the most common being ant bait.

Using ant bait is a great way to eliminate ants from your home

Ant bait comes in liquid, solid matrices and granules. The form you use will depend on which type of ants you have. Some ants are more prone to consume liquids and some ants are not strong enough to pick up granules. For example, the Argentine ant is more attracted to bait in liquid than solid form whereas carpenter ants are more attracted to bait in piles.

Once you decide which kind of ant bait you need, you want to place it where the ants are seen most in your home. If they are congregating most on your kitchen counter you will want to place the bait there. Before you place the bait make sure to clean and sanitize the surrounding areas very well so that the ants are not distracted by other food sources. You can use the ant bait inside or out and along their trail.

After you place the bait it should not take long for the ants to start consuming it. Be sure to clean the area around the bait regularly to pick up any carcasses, food sources or other items that might deter the ants from the bait.


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