Termidor Puts the “Terminate” in Exterminator

As a home owner, there is nothing worse than discovering you have termites. It’s something that causes a great deal of stress and can cost you a lot of money. What many people don’t know is that treating termites today is much easier than it was years ago. Once you spot termites you can Termidor Dry Termiticideeither call an exterminator or you can purchase Termidor; a professional grade insecticide that contains Fipronil.

Termidor is a highly effective termite treatment

Termidor is a poison not a deterrent; it is most successful when used in conjunction with bait. The Termidor contaminates the bait and the termites eat the bait. Because it is a slow acting poison, however, any termite that has ingested or touched the Termidor will become a carrier, spreading it to other termites in the colony. At that point it becomes like a virus spreading throughout and killing or infecting all of the termites.

The main ingredient, Fipronil is a very powerful and widely used product that can eliminate cockroaches, ants, wasps, fleas and termites. On average termites can live up to 2 years with an adequate food supply but when you use this product you can eliminate a large percentage of the colony within a few days to a week. It will also help you to retreat the area after 1-2 weeks in order to kill any remaining termites.


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