Save Time and Money and Do Your Own Pest Control

Many people are faced with pest control issues every day. Whether you have cockroaches, ants, birds, rats, etc., it can be a huge disturbance and nuisance in your life. You have to find an exterminator, make an appointment, be there for the appointment, and then pay for the exterminator’s time and supplies. It really can be an exhausting process; so why not skip all of that and do your own pest control?

Reasons you don’t do your own pest control

One of the biggest deterrents from do it yourself pest control is that people want someone who knows what they are doing and who is trained to alleviate the problem. Some people are afraid that they will use the product incorrectly or that they will have to retreat the area multiple times in order to fix the problem. You don’t have to worry about any of that with ePest. All of our products are professional grade, easy to use and come with detailed instructions. We also offer 24/7 online support and a knowledgeable team of customer service members to assist you.

Reasons you should do your own pest control

  1. Easy – At ePest Solutions we want to make it easier for our customers to purchase and use our products. We offer you help on the website, including live chat with one of our team members, assistance over the phone and detailed instructions with each product we sell. Taking care of pests can be a real pain so we aim to make it a little easier for the people we serve.
  2. Cost effective – Buying your pest control products from ePest Solutions will save you a lot of money. We offer our products to you at very competitive prices and because the quality is so great, they will last much longer than other brands. You also won’t get stuck with a large exterminator bill.
  3. Saves time – No more calling around to find an exterminator and no more taking time from your busy schedule to meet with them. When you do your own pest control, you are on your own time. Also, because you will most likely have some pest solutions left over, you won’t have to worry about your pest problem for a very long time.


Monica Bird (949 Posts)

Monica’s compassion for her customer's struggles with pest control issues and passion for pest control stems from over 10 years in the industry. With a master’s degree in entomology, she uses her knowledge and experience in chemistry, insects and pests to educate her customers.