Protecta Mouse Bait Stations Keep Trapped Rodents Out of Sight

Baiting and trapping are the two most effective means of rodent control. With baiting, you put out poisonous bait that the rodents will eat and then die. With trapping, you set a trap (there are a range of different kinds) with bait in it; when the rodent enters the trap to get the bait, it’s either killed immediately (snap traps) or trapped there (glue traps and other live traps). There are also mouse bait stations, including Protecta SideWinder and Protecta SideKick, that will securely hold both the bait and the trap.

While ePest Solutions sells a range of rodent bait that is relatively safe to use around children or pets, sometimes using bait without traps is not advisable — including in commercial kitchens, open areas of the home where pets and children are present, in schools, etc. On the other hand, most people don’t want kids or pets around open traps either, and open traps do run the risk of trapping non-target animals. Also, many homeowners are squeamish about disposing of open rodent traps.

In either case, an effective solution is mouse bait stations made by Protecta. Mouse bait stations hold both the poisonous bait as well as the traps in an enclosed box that only rats or mice can get into. That protects children and pets from both the bait as well as the trap, and keeps trapped (dead) rodents out of sight.

Protecta mouse bait stations will extend the freshness of the bait and keep the rodenticide free from dirt, dust, and weather. They will limit the rats from taking the bait away, which reduces excessive bait loss, and will also help you with monitoring population (you can see how much bait has been eaten, knowing that it hasn’t simply been carried away, or eaten by non-target animals). Tamper-resistant style mouse bait stations such as the Protecta Keyless Bait Station reduce the chances of accidental poisoning of non-targeted animals.


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