Using Glue Traps to Capture Mice and Rats

There is a wide range of options for rodent control, including traps and poisonous baits. But for areas where poisonous baited traps are not feasible (like food processing plants, kitchens, restaurants, and homes with kids and pets), non-poisonous glue traps can be safe, effective means of rodent control.

The glue traps that we carry at ePest Solutions include those made by Bell Laboratory, Catchmaster, Trapper Rat, and Polar Bear. They all have highly sticky glue that will capture mice and rats on contact. You can choose from scented or unscented, and if the area you’ll be placing the glue traps in is visible, you might consider a covered trap.

Glue traps may be used as a standalone treatment measure for rodents or as an additional tool to baiting. Place the glue traps in the mice or rats’ runway between their harborage areas (where they live) and their feeding areas. Ideally, place the glue traps close to the wall in places not readily accessible to pets and children. (They’re not toxic to people or pets, but they are sticky. If a pet or child gets stuck on the glue trap, household vegetable oil can be applied to get unstuck.)

The glue traps can be thrown away after use. Unused, they should last for at least one year, although they don’t work well in wet or dusty environments.


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