Mosquito Sprayers Will Help Your Property Stay Mosquito Free

Mosquitoes are one of the most dangerous animals on earth and if your property is
overrun with them, you need a mosquito sprayer. Scientists estimate that between 500
and 700 million people get malaria worldwide each year. That is more than twice the
population of the U.S. alone. There are other ailments transmitted by mosquitoes such
as the West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephlitis.

The Stages of the Mosquito
Mosquitoes undergo a complete change similar to other flies in the form of an egg,
larvae, pupa, and last, an adult. Larvae are referred to as wigglers and pupae as
tumblers. They are found in water at those two stages. The breeding source could be
from water in a thrown away tire, puddle, or swamp.

They are not only a picnic nuisance, but a very real health hazard that needs to be
controlled and managed. Public health officials the country over offer classes and
trainings to pest control professionals to educate them on this growing threat. If
mosquitoes have interfered with your outdoor activities one too many times, you should
consider investing in a mosquito sprayer.

The insecticide is heated to create a fog that moves through the air targeting flying
insects. The best time to apply this fog is in the evening. The fog will remain pretty
stable and near the ground during that time of day due to thermal inversion – when
warm air has not yet mixed with the cooler air above.

Purchase Your Own Mosquito Sprayer Online
You can now purchase the same mosquito sprayers the professionals use at a fraction
of the cost of just one mosquito treatment. Your online pest control supplier will have
all the products you need to apply the fog yourself. They can be purchased in different
sizes depending upon how big your yard and property are.

It is very important to follow the labeling instructions carefully and do not make the
novice mistake in thinking more chemical than is required is a good thing. Read the
label on the foggers and follow the instructions carefully and you can get rid of these
nuisances on your property.

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