A Quick Tutorial on How to Kill Ants

With over 12,000 species of ants on this planet, it is easy to see why so many people
have problems with them and want to learn how to kill ants as soon as they spill a little
sugar and forget to wipe it up. They like sweets and they like to hang out in your garden.
The ones you need to take care of right away are carpenter ants. They can eat their
way through a wooden fence or even through your home.

If you only see them outdoors, that is a good sign. However, you do want to make sure
you locate their colony. Ants are social creatures and all live together in an ant castle
called a colony and serve their queen who lays her eggs there. Once the queen is killed,
the ants cannot survive – so now you know your target. Check for exits and entrances
that ants use in your home. Think small, little gaps between baseboards, or a crack in
your tile’s grout.

Bait The Ants and Let Them Do All The Work!
Place bait around high ant activity areas and see where they are most active. You can
also disrupt their current route by placing the bait on a small piece of wood along their
path; take care you leave as little human interference as necessary. Check these baited
trails daily to see if the ants are taking the bait. If they like it, they will eat a lot of it and
spread the toxins back to the colony where it will spread and kill the group.

If they are ignoring the bait, try another one from your chosen do-it-yourself online
pesticide website and keep placing it all around their trails so they can spread the bait
to all of their little friends. There are many different DIY products on the market today to
make this job easier for you. By doing the job yourself, you will save a lot of money.

Why Call A Professional?
You could call a professional pest control company to come and lay out the bait;
however, they will have you do the rest of the work for them by locating the nest
and perhaps leave you with bait to keep using. Buy the professional products the
professionals are using by going online and do the job yourself at a fraction of the cost.

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