Are You Desperate to Learn How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies?

If you have been battling swarms flying black dots, you probably want to know how to
get rid of fruit flies
. These little annoying flies breed extremely fast and can bother just
about everyone. A good first step is to go through your kitchen and put away any fruit
or veggies you have lying around, even if they are still fresh. It goes without saying that
you should also throw away all rotten produce or freeze those extremely ripe bananas;
they will go great in your next smoothie.

Lock Away All Produce
If you do not want to put, say, your tomatoes in the refrigerator, you could place them in
a sealed container. Not sure this is good for the tomatoes; however, it will help prevent
the fruit flies from being attracted to your kitchen. If you have a compost pile, keep it
outside. If you insist on it being inside , it must be tightly lidded to keep the flies away.
You will want to make sure there is no fruit or vegetable drippings on the sides of the
compost container for obvious reasons.

Take out your trash can from the kitchen and thoroughly spray and wash it down. If
you have recycled cans or bottles, rinse them out and take them outside. Keep all dirty
dishes rinsed off and put into the dishwasher; wash any other dish that would otherwise
sit in your sink. You cannot have any living matter on any surface as this will attract
those lovely little flies you are trying so hard to get rid of.

DIY Fruit Fly Pest Control to the RescueNatural Catch Fruit Fly Trap
If you use a sponge to clean your dishes, keep it in the dishwasher and let it go through a wash cycle at least once a day. Any dirty rags, towels, sponges, and the like will attract fruit flies, so wash the kitchen laundry regularly. Once you are certain you have no more attractants in your home that call to the fruit fly, order some fruit fly products from your online pest control supplier. They have products that will attract and kill fruit flies mid flight. Together with the elbow grease and laundry washing, your fruit fly invasion will all be behind you.

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