Earwig Control for Your Home

Earwigs got their name when people erroneously thought these insects crawled into
people’s ears when they slept. Other than a light pinch, earwigs are harmless to
humans. These creatures scavenge for dead insects and rotting plants; they may also
chew on living plants. They are enemies with aphids and mites. If left alone, they can
become a big problem in a garden, eating their way through all the flowers, shrubs, and
vegetables. It’s important to begin earwig control early.

earwig control, earwig pest control, earwig bait, earwig trapsLook for the Forceps
They are very common in the summertime and very active at night. During the daytime, they hid out underneath stones or rocks and burrow their way under the soil or even a sidewalk. They multiply very quickly and it is not uncommon to have an infestation in or around your home. This little bug is a flat insect that is reddish-brown in color. They can run between half an inch to an inch and a quarter in length. You can tell if it is an earwig if the bug has forceps at the base of its abdomen.

When dry weather sends them looking for water, they can invade your home. They
will settle down under rugs, baseboards, cushions, or hide out in dark crevices. If you
find them inside your home, you should first treat the outdoors and will prevent them
from getting in your home in the first place. Go online to your favorite DIY pest control
company to get the latest in baits, gels, and insecticides on the market today.

Get Your DIY Pest Control Supplies Online
The products you buy at your DIY pest control supplier are the same products used by
those in the professional pest control industry. All you need to do is follow the directions
carefully and you too can have the same results as the guys that will charge you a
lot of money for their services. You can also eliminate any damp or moist wood by
your foundation, around faucets, and by the air conditioner unit. Get rid of yard debris,
especially away from the sides of your home.

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