Drain Fly Control for the DIY Pest Control Homeowner

Coming home from vacation you may have stepped into your bathroom that’s been
unused in a while and seen tiny flies near your drain. If you see a lot of them, you may
need drain fly control. They are very small, around a sixth of an inch, and can be a bit
fuzzy. These flies are not good at flying and tend to hop around rather than fly. You
do not need to worry about getting bit because they do not bite at all. In fact, they do
not carry any diseases at all harmful to humans. So as far as flies go, they are pretty

Have Neighbors Over When You Are Gone To Prevent a Fly Party
If you did notice these little flies after you came home from being gone a while, make a
note to yourself that the next time you leave for a week or longer to have the neighbors
come over daily to flush your toilets and run all your faucets. This will go a long way in
preventing a drain fly party going on in your home.

These flies are drawn to organic material inside the drains. This could be an easy fix
as they tend to go away after regular use of all your home’s drains. If they stick around,
however, you may have a larger breeding site you are unaware of and will need to
purchase some drain cleaners and eliminate their breeding source.

Drain Gel Drain Organic CleanerChoose the Best Products to Clean Your Drains Thoroughly
If you have tried other drain cleaners and they just have not worked well, go to your online DIY pest control website to purchase an organic drain cleaner gel. It is made with a highly concentrated biological product which clings to the sides of pipes and drains. It has specially selected bacteria strains to attack any organic matter built up which draws the drain fly and makes it an attractive breeding ground for a whole city of flies to flourish. This same product is used by professional pest control technicians and you can purchase it at a significant savings over having them do the job for you.

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