You May Need Bird Repellent if You’re Seeing too Many Birds Around

Bird repellent is a very cost effective solution to keeping birds away from your home or
place of business. While other bird control devices and netting can be difficult to figure
out – at best – and expensive at worst. Bird repellent works to repel birds from roofs,
structures, interior or exterior walls, siding, statues, bridges, roosting around buildings,
and other sites where birds are a problem.

If your home has a bird problem, there are a few things you can do to prevent them
from wanting to stay. Sit in a safe location and watch their flight patterns to and from
your home. Check out the places they like to hang out, such as under a roof or on a
windowsill. Check your home for bird nests and have them removed. You want to make
your home as unattractive as possible to birds.

Bird Repellent, an Eco Friendly Solution
It is an eco friendly solution to keeping birds away without harming them. There are food
grade, biodegradable repellent that can even deter birds from boat docks and marina
areas. When used as directed, the repellent is harmless to humans, pets, plants, and
even the birds themselves. Some repellents work to trigger a sensation in a bird that
resembles eating a hot pepper. The bird will associate that feeling with that area and
stay away for good.

You can purchase the same professional strength bird repellent that the pest control
professionals use at a fraction of the cost. Just go online to your favorite DIY pest
control supplier and browse through the many repellent products they carry. These
repellents are very safe and come from natural sources like flower blossoms and grapes
of all things.

Birds Can Spread Disease
Many people do not think pest control includes bird control; however, they sure
understand just how much of a pest birds can be. They can spread disease and spread
small parasites called bird mites. By using an effective bird repellent, you can send
them flying away from your home in no time.

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