All About Rats and Rat Traps

Rat traps are very effective in the effort to rid your home, yard, and property of rats
for good. Rats like discreet entrances and exits to your home and yard. They like
large pieces of trash to live in like abandoned cars, old couches, crawl spaces, behind
cupboards, in attics, in basements, behind furnaces, and by hot water heaters. They
also like sources of garbage, pet food lying around, fruit trees with lots of fruit on them,
compost, and canine droppings.

They love to scurry inside your pantry and will eat their way into boxes of food or
crackers and anything else they can chew through. If you do have stacks of wood lying
outside, keep it off the ground so they cannot climb inside the stack. Regularly put your
pet or bird food where a rat cannot access it and keep all garbage cans sealed tightly.
Keep your shrubs and bushes trimmed and around three feet away from your home. Do
not let junk pile up outside as this creates the perfect nesting spot for rats.

Remove Rat Attractants Inside and Outside Your Home
By taking away all their favorite hiding spots and any food sources, this will keep the
rats from coming to live with you in the first place. If you do have rats that you need to
get rid of, your online pest control supplier carries professional products such as rat
traps used by the professionals to effectively trap rats living on your property. They
carry the most effective and safe control products on the market today and now you can
buy them for a fraction of what a professional rat pest control service will cost you.

Roof Rats, Norway Rats and the House Mouse
The main rodents to invade your home mostly likely are the house mouse, the roof
rat, and the Norway rat. The Norway rat weighs well over a pound and likes to nest
in basements and lower portions of a building. They are active at night and are good

The roof rat is smaller than the Norway rat and they like to nest in trees and are
excellent climbers. They tend to be suspicious of new foods, so it may take a few days
for them to eat any poison or bait you have laying around.

The house mouse may nest in a building near food sources. They are very curious and
like to just nibble on food instead of consuming a large meal.

Once you have established the type of rat you’re home has been invaded by, look
online and find the best pest control product for you and your problem.


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