Earwig Traps for Your Home

Earwigs are scary looking insects with pincers or forceps at the end of their abdomen
and are reddish brown in color with light brown legs. They feed on insects, fruits, mold,
flowers, and leaves. They do not spread disease, but can be scary especially for little
children. They hide during the day and live under lawn clippings, compost, or tree holes
and can enter your home or place of business through cracks in the walls or crevices.
To keep any earwigs from gaining entry into your home, remove piles of leaves or
compost from around your home and seal any noticeable crevices and cracks around
the house. You can also place earwig traps around your home to trap them so you
can eliminate them easily. Place traps near problem areas and check the traps every
morning. Try converting your yard into a dry sunny place with few hiding places for
these pesky creatures. Remove low growing bushes and avoid their favorite foods.
Destroy moss and algae and do not over water your yard.
Eliminate Hiding Places for Earwigs
Earwigs often come inside to hide or you may find them hiding under outdoor furniture,
hoses, garbage cans, or poor fitting drainage caps. They do not breed indoors, but just
hide there during the day until they become active at night wreaking havoc on your
plant’s leaves. Any seedlings or flowering plants can become damaged by these little
nocturnal pests.
Your trusted online DIY pest control supplier sells several glue boards that are safe
and effective in controlling these irritating pests at a fraction of what you would pay
a professional. These non-toxic and non-poisonous glue traps are very effective for
the treatment of earwigs and other pests in your home such as mice and other creepy
crawlies that may lurk right under your nose.
Catchmaster 72MB GlueboardsNon-Toxic and Hypoallergenic Traps
The traps are hypoallergenic and free of fragrance or other odors and can be used in schools, homes, places of business, or anywhere allergens can be an issue. You can use it flat or folded up into a covered trap that makes a great hiding place for earwigs. They also have easy to remove release paper that saves you time. These traps ensure maximum capture rates that are used by the pest control professionals available to you for a fraction of the cost of what a pest control company would charge you.
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