Do It Yourself Termite Control to Protect and Maintain Your Home

TermidorDo it yourself termite control is important to the homeowner since professional termite treatments can cost you thousands of dollars. Termites are not just annoying insects, but cost homeowners thousands of dollars of structural damage to their homes every year. This is why you need a termite inspection when you buy or sell a home so the bank financing the transaction will approve the loan. The bank wants to know the home is safe from termites and that it does not have significant structural damage, otherwise the loan will not be approved.
Become a Termite-o-phile
It is important to arm yourself with knowledge of termites such as how they live and how
best to treat the different types of termites for your home. Unlike ants that have hard
bodies and are dark in color, termites have straight beadlike antennae. Their abdomen
is joined at the thorax. It is important to distinguish if your infestation is carpenter ants
or termites as the treatment can be very different for each insect. If you happen to see a
live termite in your home, your home is most likely infested.
On the outside of your home, you can see termite tunnels on the foundation of your
house near the base of the structure. Termites use these tubes to shield themselves
from ants and to hide from the suns UV rays which kill them. They are social insects
and live in colonies and exist to keep the colony safe. They can live for up to two years
with a constant food supply.
Buy the Same Termite Products the Professionals Use
Armed with your trusted online pest control supplier, you can now purchase the same
termite baits, insecticides, termiticides, termite traps, wood preservatives, dusts, foams,
monitors, and aerosol sprays as professional pest control technicians use. They are
the most effective and safest products on the market today and when used as directed
by the label, will successfully rid your home of termites for a fraction of what a termite
treatment will cost you.
Just arm yourself with termite knowledge and begin to research what products you need
to kill the termite colony invading your home, and you will be well on your way to having
a termite-free and safe house for you and your family.
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