Do It Yourself with Professional Carpenter Ant Bait

Advance Carpenter Ant BaitIf you have an ant problem and need some good carpenter ant bait, here is some good information you need to know about carpenter ants to help you become an effective DIY pest eliminator in your own home. Carpenter ants are among the largest ants around and .25 to .375 inches long. They tend to be black, but can exhibit yellow or reddish colors. They can live outside or inside and love moist or hollowed out wood. They bore through wood and make passageways throughout the wood so the colony can move around each section of the nest.
You may notice a sawdust-like residue of sorts that they leave behind cluing you in to where their main nest is. They do not eat wood like termites do; they just chew through it to create their home. They will eat anything people eat such as dessert or meats, as well as other insects. They are active all year long and commonly have an outdoor nest, but come inside for food and water. They will burrow down in damp wood and can live in telephone poles, roofs, windowsills, house pillars, and any other wood that may come in contact with soil.
Queen’s Lair is the Target
Read the label thoroughly on any carpenter ant bait you are using. The queen ant is
the target of your pest control strategy as she is constantly producing more ants. You
may find satellite colonies with no queen (usually inside the home) as they transport
food back to the colony (usually outside of your home). When you effectively bait these
satellite colonies, the ants will carry the bait back to the main colony and will eventually
kill the queen.
There are liquid products that you can also use that will spread back to the queen’s
lair. Through grooming and walking through the toxin, the product will take care of the
colony as well. This is called the transfer effect.
Professional Carpenter Ant Baits Available to You
These baits are all about fast control and secondary kill. Some tests show these baits
will reduce the ant population by 90% in as little as four days. These ant baits are
used by professionals and are available to you for a fraction of the cost of hiring a
professional technician.
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