Bug Lights, Not Just for Illumination

Bug LightsBug lights or insect light traps are great at catching fliers like mosquitoes, house flies, yellow jackets, and other flying insects that can ruin a backyard barbeque. Insect light traps give off a UV light that draws in the bugs and then keeps them there with adhesive boards that are concealed. Some of the bug lights can be wall mounted to attract more insects and can be used in tight spaces as well. They are easy to use and the glue boards can be replaced easily and effectively.
Attract Flies and Trap them
The lights make it attractive to flies which can see them up to thirty feet away. They are also attracted to the warmth of the light since some bugs, like house flies, like to be warm and are drawn to anything that gives off heat. The UV bulbs will need to be changed yearly since the coating can be worn off and will not work as effectively as it is designed to be. Also, make sure your placement is right where all the action is. When placing the bug light, make sure it will not be easily damaged. Also, keep in mind if you are placing the bug light inside your home or place of business, you do not want he light to be seen by flying insects that are outside as this will attract them inside – the very place you do not want them. If you have any questions, ask your trusted online pest control supplier the best place to put your bug light.
DIY Bug Control for a Fraction of the Cost
The bug lights you purchase from your online pest control dealer are products available
and used by professionals in the industry. They are now available to the general public
at a fraction of the cost of having to rent lights and pay for yearly or monthly servicing.
Since flies spread germs and are extremely annoying getting rid of them and controlling
them should be your number one priority.
Now that you can order the same effective bug lights that pest control technicians use,
there is no reason to hold off on ordering your bug lights today.
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