EcoSafe® ZR1™ Odor Neutralizer

EcoSafe® ZR1™ Odor Neutralizer

The chemistry behind EcoSafe® Odor Neutralizer is called ZR1™. It’s a combination of ultra pure deionized water, soil borne minerals, simple stabilizers and amazingly refreshing scents.

Ultra ZR1 Odor Eliminator

Our odor neutralizing sprays are designed to be sprayed, fogged, mopped or dunked. Use them on animals and anywhere odors are a problem.


  • Instantly eliminate odors and help prevent new ones
  • Ecofriendly Ultra ZR1™ plant and mineral based formula
  • No harmful enzymes, bactericides or masking agents
  • Easy to use, apply with sprayer or electrical fogger
  • Can be sprayed or mopped onto floors and walls
  • Won’t stain or damage surfaces, dries streak free!


  • dead animals, rats, skunks
  • smoke, cooking, grease, food
  • urine, fecal, vomit, incontinence
  • homes, offices, all buildings
  • cars, trucks, planes, boats, ships
  • trash dumpsters, recepticles
  • walls, floors, carpets and soil
  • a/c ducts, air filters and more!

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