Commerical Fruit Fly Control Recommendations

Commerical Fruit Fly Control Recommendations

Effective fruit fly control in a commercial kitchen can be as much about sanitation as chemical
application.  One of the number one problems facing professional pest control operators today when working in restaurants is small flies, and in particular fruit flies.  We at epestsolutions have put together a commercial fruit fly control kit with the essential components used by professionals to effectively manage fruit flies.

Fruit flies must have 2 main requirements to in order to survive, moisture and fermentation.  Whenthey lay their eggs, they lay them in areas where both of these items occur.  Some of the most common areas are floor drains, sink drains, under equipment where it stays wet and under broken
floor tiles.  As food and debris accumulate in these areas, they start to break down, and ferment.  Fruit flies love it.  So 1 non-chemical component in the control program is cleaning these areas up and drying them out.  Drying areas up might not always be practical, but cleaning breeding sites up is.

Try to scrape the inside of floor drains with our floor drain cleaning kit, designed specifically to fit inside a floor drain and scrape the insides
of the pipe where fats, oils and grease and food accumulate.  Rake under all equipment to ensure there is no food building up under equipment.  This
will give a good start to the fruit fly control program.


The chemical approach goes hand in hand with sanitation, and will give a quick knockdown to the fruit fly population and reduce their
visible numbers.  We have included the top products to get the management process under way.  First component is the PT 565 Plus XLO.
This is a contact aerosol spray that is used in commercial kitchens all the time.  It can be used as a space spray and fogged in and around equipment.
The small droplet size will ensure contact with the tiny fruit flies as they fly around, and give a quick knockdown.
Use the PT 565 to fog areas where small flies are visible flying around.  The active ingredient in PT 565 Plus XLO is natural pyrethrin, which kills very quickly, but doesn’t leave a long residual.  It will, kill the flies, but won’t persist in the area where it is sprayed.
Fog under bar areas, over floor drains, under equipment and any where flies are flying around.  Kill them on contact.


Pyrethrin aerosol spray

PT 565 aerosol spray

The second tool in the commercial kitchen fruit fly tool box is Gentrol Aerosol.  Gentrol Aerosol
is an insect growth regulator (IGR) that contains Methoprene and is used to sterilize any fly larvae that might be in the slime and moist
areas.  Gentrol acts on the fly larvae and prevents them from developing into flying, annoying adult flies.  Gentrol aerosol
is approved for use in floor and sink drains, and can be foamed in the drains as well as sprayed in the tiles and under an on the legs of equipment.  Gentrol “moves” very well in the environment, and is absorbed by the fruit fly larvae easily, even when not sprayed directly on them.
Gentrol Aerosol will give a 60-90 day residual of insect growth regulator properties, and is very safe for use around commercial kitchens.

Vector Professional Fruit Fly Traps

Vector Professional Fruit Fly Traps

The third tool in the tool box is the Vector Fruit Fly Traps.  These fruit fly traps are designed to catch
adult flies as they emerge from the moist wet environment.  The Vector Fruit Fly Traps contain a cocktail of liquids that are highly attractive to adult flies, and mimic the most ideal breeding site for the fruit flies to lay their eggs.  Once the flies enter the bright orange cup of fermented juice, they get trapped, and can’t escape, and therefore can’t mate and reproduce and lay more eggs, creating more flies.  The adult fruit fly does not travel far after
it emerges from the moist environment, so wherever adult flies are seen, these traps should be placed close by.  The cups are designed not to spill over and can be place on the counter, on top or under equipment, and under bar areas.
After about 30 days, throw them away and replace the cups with and new attractive cocktail.

The last component of our fruit fly commercial kit is the Invade Bio Drain Gel. This Bio Drain Gel is designed to be applied in floor drains on a regular basis to keep the “scum” level down to a minimum.  The bacteria and enzymes are naturally occurring compounds that have been bottled up in a thickend formula and designed to coat the inside of the floor and sink drains and eat away the fats, oils and grease components that start to accumulate and create an ideal breeding site for the fruit fly.

Invade Bio Gel Drain gel

Invade Bio Gel Drain gel

Applying 4 oz of the Invade Bio-Drain Gel to each drain every evening, after the initial hard cleaning if possible, will prevent the rebuilding of the slime and scum layer.  Coat the edges of the drain and allow the bacteria and enzymes to go work on eating the buildup that is one of the mainn causes of the fruit fly outbreak and survival.   After nightly use for a week straight on each drain, a once a week application will be sufficient for maintenance of the bacteria and enzyme level in the drain.

Utilizing all of the tools and treatments listed above will get you on the right path to a fruit fly free commercial kitchen, and help maintain a pest free business.

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