Termidor Termite Treatment for the Most Effective Subterranean Termite Control

Termidor SCDo you want the most effective subterranean termite control out there? Arguably it would be a
Termidor termite treatment. As with any pesticide, read and understand the label. This article
will give you a brief rundown of what to expect when you do your own termite treatment.
Double check this information against the label before you begin.

Got Math Skills?
Termidor is usually mixed at .8 ounces to one gallon of water, so the first thing you need to
know is how much you need to mix. This product is applied around your house at four mixed
gallons every ten feet. If you have measured your house around the perimeter at its base and
it measures 100 feet, then you would need to end up with 40 gallons of mixed product. Do
not let me lose you here; four gallons divided by ten feet is .4 gallons used every foot. So .4
gallons times a hundred feet is 40 gallons applied for the 100′ perimeter around your house.
This means that a little less than half a gallon of Termidor needs to be used for each foot
around your house. Got it?

PPE or Personal Protection Equipment for the Layperson
Before you start mixing, you will need your personal protection equipment. Long sleeved shirt,
long pants, covered shoes, and gloves. If you will be in confined areas, you need a respirator
or dust mask. Fill your tank part way with water then add your termite treatment. Continue
adding water till you fill the tank then agitate the product.

Everywhere concrete is touching your home you will need to drill a half inch hole every foot.
Where there is dirt, you hire your neighbor’s kid to dig a small trench a minimum of six inches
down and six inches wide. You want an unbroken layer of Termidor all the way around your
house. After you have applied four gallons every ten feet, fill up the trenches with dirt. You
want this dirt to get thoroughly wet down by the product.

Plug up the holes you drilled with concrete patch or with plugs that you can get where
you bought Termidor. Now with that unbroken barrier around the base of your home, you
can sleep at ease knowing one of the biggest investments you own is protected from
subterranean termites.

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