Fly Light Placement Selection Recommendations

Bulbs should be replaced at least every 8
to 9 months to keep you light as effective as possible

  1. Use in areas of high fly activity
    inside doorways and docks. Flies are attracted indoors by food odors, warm air
    and light coming from doorways, windows, roof vents and other openings in
  2. Place traps 5 to 15 feet inside a
    door or dock opening. Gusts of wind and breezes push small insects inside
  3. You should aim the U.V. light into
    the building so that it cannot be seen from outside. We do not want to attract
    flying insects inside the building because they can see an Insect Light Trap.
    This is a simple mistake to avoid.
  4. Space light traps 25 to 50 feet
    apart on the inside of exterior wall lines. The number of lights used will vary
    based on (a) insect pressure, (b) desired control level, and (c) viewability of
    light traps into all areas or hallways. Traps only work if they can be seen.
  5. Wall placement of light traps is
    preferred. Traps located 3 to 6 feet above the floor are closer to where filth
    flies spend most of their time feeding and laying eggs.
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