Earwig Control Facts for Your Garden, Landscape, and Yard

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You need earwig control if you have ever seen a reddish brown bug with forceps on its back in your garden. They are very common in any landscape and sometimes the little critters make it into your home causing a ruckus! These little guys eat other insects and, in some cases, are actually great if you have a garden; however, if you have ornamental plants, they quickly can become a nuisance. They can eat their way through leaves, buds, blossoms, ripe fruit, even garbage, dog food, flour, and would you believe melons?

Nocturnal and Proud of it!
They eat at night and as such, you would not normally notice they are there but for their
carnage of destroyed leaves, flowers, and seedlings you have been babying. It is important to
identify this pest as the damage could be confused with that of a slug or perhaps even a snail.
These bugs also eat at night so you will need to search for the little invaders with the help of a
handy-dandy flashlight to positively identify them as earwigs.

The striped earwig can, at certain times of the year, creep into your home in large numbers
and you will know them for their wretched odor when they are crushed. All earwigs can be
controlled by placing traps for them where they like to crawl, which could be dark cracks and
crevices during the day. If you have anything live PVC piping lying around, bamboo, or an old
piece of cardboard, they could be lurking around in those items as well. Lay your traps around
your yard under shrubs, around fences, and any ground cover plants.

Follow Label to the T!
Keep any garden areas clean and free of debris to help deter earwigs from gaining their own
little homestead there. Read the labels carefully on any earwig baits and traps you buy from a
reputable do-it-yourself pest control site as they should be kept away from children and pets
who like to explore. Always read the label and be sure to follow the directions to the letter; this
is no time to just wing it and use chemicals at will. If properly followed, any earwig prevention
trap or insecticide you use will be safe and effective.

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