Is Your Home Bugged? Bug Control Can Help

Bug control goes way beyond blasting your home with toxic chemicals that will not only
kills bugs but everything else in a five mile radius as well! To help control the bugs
that get into your home, you may want to utilize some useful hints to make your home
unattractive to bugs. It goes without saying that keeping your home, especially the
kitchen area, clean with the garbage emptied regularly, dished washed, and any food or
drinks outside the refrigerator in sealed containers, you can greatly reduce your risk of
getting “bugged.”

Slam the Door Shut on Bugs!
Keep the kitchen and bath areas as dry as possible and have your pets brushed
regularly and taken to the vet when needed to keep up on any flea and tick treatments.
If you see any cracks and crevices in your baseboards, piping, duct work, toilets, sinks,
and outlets, plug those up right away with silicone caulking. Put screening on any vents
or repair holes. You want to essentially block any critters from gaining access into your
home and setting up shop.

Identify the pests you are having trouble with by going online. Once you are confident
that you know exactly what it is that is bugging your home, get to your online DIY pest
control supplier and purchase boric acid, tamper-resistant bait boxes, and any sprays or
insecticides that you need to keep your bugs controlled and gone from your home.
Follow all directions and precautions on the label explicitly. Never use more chemical
than is recommended as this practice could actually make the problem worse. More is
not better, just remember that.

Proper Disposal for a Responsible Homeowner
If you have small children in the home as well as pets, keep any chemical product or
baiting system out of their reach. If you have leftover chemicals and want to dispose
of them, check with your public waste department as they will know how and where
you can dispose of those hazardous wastes properly. This is a very important and
responsible step for keeping your family and neighborhood healthy and safe.

Monica Bird (949 Posts)

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