Mosquito Control Products and Your Backyard BBQ!

We are proud to offer the best mosquito control products to keep your backyard BBQ alien invasion! We offer misting systems that are automated and timer-controlled which can be set usually twice a day around early morning and late evening. These times are when the gnats and mosquitoes are most active. You can also choose to add an extra mist on those days when all the neighbors come over to eat your food. This extra spray down will give your backyard extra protection and maximum control over those pesky pests.

About Our Repelling System
The measured spray can be purchased on our website and is a mixture of water and pesticide. We offer the best in mosquito control products known as pyrethrins which are derived from the chrysanthemum flower. This is not an all-natural chemical but it is very effective at killing mosquitoes. When the mist is sprayed, all gnats and mosquitoes are killed right away. With repeated use, the mosquitoes are repelled from the area and will avoid that area.

The system comes with a reservoir and spray nozzles which are located in the hot spots in your yard including pool, deck or patio. Take care to choose the most precise location to spray the mist and protect your yard and targeted areas. This is an effective solution especially if you have a pool which is a steady source of water for H2O loving bugs. You may have to check your yard after a rain to see if there is any standing water that stays behind. You may need to get your yard graded to prevent any flooding of any kind.

Check Around the House for Breeding Grounds
If there are other areas of your home that harbors water, get rid of them. Look for window wells that have flooded and check your roof gutters after it rains, make sure they stay clean and well drained. Check any empty planters on your property that may collect rain water. If you like ponds or ornamental fountains, direct any misters to those areas to keep mosquitoes from invading those areas. Drain any kiddie pools daily and flip upside down to prevent any water; even an inch of water could attract the buggers.

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