Mosquito Foggers and Your Night Life!

If you love outdoor entertaining, especially when the weather is perfect and want to host a party but can’t due to mosquitoes that keep coming uninvited, it is time to invest in a mosquito fogger. You can use a mosquito fogger anywhere you and your peeps want to hang outdoors like a deck, outdoor pool, or barbeque areas. You will get instant relief from biting insects with a mosquito fogger.

There are literally thousands of mosquito species, some which carry all sorts of nasty diseases no one ever wants to think about getting. You may have tried screens on your porch or mosquito repellant candles, but to no avail. Those little flying blood suckers just keep coming and never ever stop. You will need to be diligent about keeping your yard free of areas mosquitoes like to live and breed in as this will be key to keeping your property from becoming a mosquito farm all the neighbors will hate.

Where to Look for Mosquito Breeding Grounds
A good place to start when considering a mosquito fogger is to inspect your property or yard for any breeding source for mosquitoes, like standing water in a fountain or kiddie pool or any leftover puddles from the last time it rained. Any leaks from hoses or water left in an old planter could attract mosquitoes and make it easy for them to breed as well. Once you are confident your yard and property has been cleared of any infestation sites for mosquitoes, get your mosquito fogger and start using it right away.

Fogger Options
There are several mosquito foggers on the market today from cold mist, propane, hand held, to truck mount foggers. Mosquito foggers are great for covering large areas and keeping them insect-free. Be sure to read the label thoroughly and follow all directions to the letter in order to keep everyone involved safe. Choose one that will work best for you and your situation and begin to take back your outdoor night life mosquito-free and happy!

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