You, a Saturday, and Mosquito Misting Systems

I know spending a Saturday installing a mosquito misting system is probably not your first choice of activities. But one Saturday could give you years of mosquito free enjoyment and allow you to enjoy your home like never before. Everything you need for this project can be purchased from a reputable do-it-yourself pest control supplier and would be happy to help you get everything you need to install the mister system in your spare time. They can also give you some pointers if you are feeling overwhelmed.

First Thing’s First – Find Their Home
The first thing you need to do is make sure you are not harboring those little buggers. Standing water is the first thing to look for as it attracts mosquitoes and they reproduce in that water making the problem worse. Of course it’s probably not your house that has the water issue, it’s the annoying neighbors. If this is the case, take some pictures over to their house of the dreaded tsetse fly and talk to them about all the horrible diseases you could get. At that point, ask them if they can clear their property of standing water. Tell them even though it seems like a nuisance, it really is worth it. If they happen to mention the tsetse fly only lives in Africa, make like you are in a hurry and leave. I mean, what do they know?

Screen your Screens
The next step is to make sure all the screens on your home are in great shape. Although it does seem like most screens do not keep mosquitoes out since the bugs are either so small they can squeeze through the screen holes or they are so big they can open the screen door and fly in, rest assured that fixing the screens will keep them out.

After these things are done, and you have all the supplies you need, it is time to get your mister system installed. You will need a something to generate the mist. This will be based on the size of the area you are treating. You will need a hose to carry the mist to the nozzle. And you will need to attach all of these components to your home. Follow directions on the misting system you purchase and you will be done in no time.

Set it and Forget it
Now all you have to do is set the timer on your mister. It can be set up to mist early in the morning and in the late evening. In most cases that is all you will need to do. Make sure you read the label on the product you buy. It will tell you exactly how much to use and how often to mist. The mister can change how you relax at home so go invest a Saturday and enjoy your mosquito-free home.

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