Phantom Aerosol = Convenience

Phantom aerosol is a convenient way to spray insecticide at the source. It dries in crystals and leaves no residue whatsoever and has a long residual effect. The great thing about Phantom is that it is non-repellant and will stay around a long time. Insects cannot detect the product, so they walk all over the stuff and take it back to other pests and spread the love around. This stuff is so great that it kills the insects you do not even see!

Pests Caught Unawares!
This stuff is great for porous materials as it stays on the surface just waiting for any little critters to come and take it home with them. The pests do not know it is there, so they continue walking all over the cracks and crevices you spray creating a continual cycle of contact with the chemical. They then take it back to their base where it spreads all over their little insect friends. It’s like the friends and family plan for insects since it spreads rapidly through touch and food around the bugs.

Ensuring World Peace!
It is also great to use on pyrethroid-resistant beg bugs and roaches. You can only use Phantom on non-personal spaces such as crevices, cracks, baseboards, and the like. You do not want to use in drawers, storage tubs, or anywhere that the chemical may come into contact with clothes, toys, or other personal items. It is very important to read the label carefully and only spray where directed, especially if you are a do-it-yourselfer. Respect the chemicals, read the labels; your bugs will die, your family will be safe, and world peace will ensue!

This is a great aerosol to use on ants, roaches, scorpions, beetles, centipedes, house flies, and termites. Use only as directed on the label and keep away from children and pets until Phantom aerosol dries to crystals. This product delivers flexibility and proven performance when used as directed while being very safe. You can spray this product on most surfaces, and because of the way it dries, it will continue killing most indoor pests for a long time leaving no odor or visible residue.

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