If Nutsedge is Making You Nuts, Get Sedgehammer Herbicide Today!

Nutsedge is the bane of every yard aficionado’s existence and the Sedgehammer herbicide is there to the rescue! This insidious nutsedge weed provides no benefit to anyone’s yard and is very hard to kill. There is one rule with this weed – Do Not Pluck It! This weed will leave behind hundreds of seeds or nuts behind that lay dormant all winter just waiting for your lovely bulbs to pop up and surround them with their ugliness. Some call this weed pure evil for its propagating ways.

Many people think all they need to do is fix a drainage problem they may have on their property and the nutsedge will go away. This is not the case. Once this weed has established roots, so to speak, and made your yard its home, it will not go away without a fight, a strong fight. Then they try to pluck it out, not realizing they are in effect contaminating an even bigger area of their yard.

Nutsedge, Not Crabgrass!
Make sure you identify this weed properly. If you think it is crabgrass, and use an herbicide just for crabgrass, the seeds will live on in progeny leaving you scratching your head.

Nutsedge is a perennial and only specially designed herbicides will take care of the stubborn seeds in the ground while also killing the weed itself. This weed will die off in the winter with their seeds hibernating in the ground. Unless you deal with the seeds, you will never rid your yard of the dreaded nutsedge.

Sedgehammer is the Best Herbicide to Kill the Nut!
The best chemical you need to use is called Sedgehammer. It is a post-emergent control of sedges. You only use a small amount and you need to follow directions carefully. Nutsedge must be treated first with Sedgehammer herbicide. The directions must be followed to the “T” in order to kill the seed nuts in the ground; especially if you have a well or live by a pond. The label also lists all the grasses that are safe to apply Sedgehammer. Do not use this on desirable plants as it could be the cause of their demise.

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