You, Your Lawn, and Weed Control Products

It really is too bad weeds are ugly and instead of weed control products, we would be buying weed fertilizers. Weeds grow so easy and love to pop up anytime you have family over. Their little seedlings are blown into your yard and manage somehow to find some lovely soil to take root in. They are just like regular plants in that there are annual weeds and perennial weeds. Annuals die within a year and perennials live to laugh at you another day.

Know Your Lawn Before You Treat
If you have chosen centipede grass for your lawn for its easy maintenance but still find it overrun with weeds, your lawn needs help. If your lawn is sparse due to shade or drought, the grass thins out leaving lots of open spaces for any type of weed to find its way into the recesses of your soil. This will not happen if your lawn is lush, healthy, and thick. A good healthy thick lawn prevents weeds from taking a foothold into your yard.

For centipede grass, always check the label to see if your weed control products are approved for that type of grass. Be sure to follow directions carefully. This is not the case where more is better. Actually more could be deadly…for your lawn that is. If you have any ornamental plants around the area, check the label for any problems with your weed control products.

Pre and Post Emergents to the Rescue
Pre emergent weed controls kill weeds before they emerge from the surface. They will eradicate annual weeds after several seasons and they will also prevent any weed seeds blown into your yard from emerging. It is important to spread the pre emergent all over your lawn or those areas will not be protected from weeds. This is an effective weed control for several months depending upon the weather in your area.

On the other hand, post emergent weed controls kill existing weeds in your yard. Choose the control that works on centipede grass. These typically need to be sprayed while the weed is growing. If the weed is dormant, the chemical may not work. There are certain weather conditions ideal for spraying post emergents, so check and read the label carefully.

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