Fly Control in Food Service Areas

Some Small Steps Can Make a Big Difference!

Fly control

Correction of some basic sanitation and structural issues can go a long way toward elimination of small fly problems.

After your PMP inspects your facility he will make some recommendations for some steps you can take to help reduce fly problems.

Small flies breed inside the building. Eliminating their breeding areas is the best method for lasting control.

Some key action items include:

  • Regularly cleaning under equipment and counters, to remove any spilled food
  • Washing garbage containers regularly
  • Emptying mop buckets and hanging mops up so that they dry
  • Sealing cracks in floor tile and between base boards and walls

All insects need moisture to live. It’s important to fix any leaks in water lines or drain lines to prevent structural and odor problems, and chronic insect infestations.

Good sanitation combined with regular use of InVade Bio Products can eliminate or dramatically reduce small fly problems and eliminate foul odors often without the use of any pesticides or harsh chemicals. Invade Bio Products are available on this web site.

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