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Norway Rat
Rattus norvegicus
Roof Rat
Rattus rattus
House Mouse
Mus Musculus
AVERAGE WEIGHT 10-17 ounces 6-12 ounces ½-3/4 ounce
BODY Heavy, broad 7”-10”
Long, blunt
long, pointed muzzle
Average body
2.5” -3.5” long
TAIL 6”-8.5” long, lightercolor on underside 7.5”-10” long uniform color, top & bottom Large prominent
EARS Average, close to body Large, prominent Dusky gray on back, lighter gray on belly
COLOR Brown to black on sides, gray to yellow-white on belly Tawny back blackishwhite underparts  
FOOD PREFERENCES Meats, fish, flour, fruits, vegetables. Eats most any human food Meats, fish, flour, fruits, vegetables. Eats most any human food
Seeds, fruits, vegetables. Grain, eggs, etc.
Meats, grains, cereals, seeds, fruits, vegetables, Eats most any human food
½-1 oz
½-1 oz food up to 1 oz water 1/10 oz food 1/20 oz water
YOUNG IN LITTER 6-18 6-14 8
DROPPINGS PER DAY 30-180 30-180 1.75 cc
Length adult life 15-180 mos.
URINE PER DAY (cc) 15.7 cc 15.7 cc  
HABITS Usually nest in basements & lower portions of buildings. Burrows in soil extensively. Active at night. Fair climber, good swimmer Usually enter and nests in upper portions fo buildings. May nest outside in trees. Burrows very little. Excellent climber. Active at night. May nest in any portion of a building near food. Has an average range of 50 ft from nest. Active mostly at night. Nibbles small amounts fo food frequently, rather than having large meals.


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