Fly Breeding Site Elimination

Getting rid of breeding sites for small flies in your building is the key to safe, effective and long-term control.

InVade Bio DrainInVade Bio Products are a range of products designed specifically to eliminate breeding sites for small flies in food areas. InVade products contain premium, natural, non-pathogenic microbes that digest the scum where flies breed. They also contain natural citrus oil for extra power and great smell.

InVade Bio Products are much more effective than traditional pesticides for eliminating small fly problems and are easier to use.

Your PMP may apply a special foam as a clean out or on a monthly basis to the drains and other areas where the flies may breed.

Other formulations are also available for use directly by your staff. Your PMP may recommend InVade Bio Drain which is a gelled formula that is applied in the drains 1-3 times a week.

InVade Bio Cleaner is also available for floor level problems. It is used instead of your regular mopping or power spraying solution and provides exceptional cleaning and degreasing action.

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