Pro-Ketch Multiple Catch Mousetrap Product Information

How To set Pro-Ketch

Features, Advantages & Benefits

HOW TO SET Pro-Ketch

Pro-Ketch Use


Peel protective paper from glue trap. Place glue trap under tabs inside PRO-KETCH and place trap near pest activity.

Pro-Ketch Placement


Place trap flush with entrance holes next to wall.

Pro-Ketch Disposal


Open top and remove glue trap.

Pro-Ketch Cleaning


With glue trap removed, wipe or brush trap clean.

 Pro-Ketch Replacement  REPLACEMENT

Replace glue trap as needed.

Features, Advantages & Benefits


No winding or re-setting Trap is always properly set.

Faster placement

Peace of mind, knowing you always have protection.

Reduces time and labor

“All in 1″ hinged lid Easier to clean

Entrance tunnels are out of the way and off the floor of the trap.

Reduces service time

Maximum sanitation

Complete accessibility for cleaning

Saves time, thus money

Low profile Fits under pallets and confined areas Can be used under pallets and in confined areas
Unique design No harmful chemicals, baits or poisons Safe for user and our environment

May be used in USDA and FDA inspected facilities

Monitors insects and rodent activity Multi-purpose usage

Identifies problem areas

Cost effective

Good IPM

Durable galvanized steel Quality construction Years of dependable service
Clear view lid Easy to monitor Reduces inspection time
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