Rodent Control Products Just Like the Professionals

Rodent Control Products Just Like the Professionals

Looking for Rodent control solutions?  Look not further than ePestSolutions the leader in the Do it yourself pest control industry.  We offer the same professional rodent control products used by pest control technicians and a low price for everyone trying to do there on rodent control.

Whether trying to control rats or mice we have the traps, glue boards, lures, and rodenticides and stations to get the job done like a professional.

Checkout some of our Rodent control products!

Rat Poison, Rat Bait & Rodenticide for Rodent Control

Whether you’re dealing with a rat or mouse problem, a mild or severe infestation, a residential account or commercial account, ePestSolutions has the right rodent control product  for you. From rat poison to snap traps, we  offer the most complete line of professional rodent control products on the market.

Rodenticides or Rat Bait are pesticides that kill rodents and our modern rodenticides can be broken down into two broad groups: anticoagulants and non-anticoagulants. Products such as Contrac, Final Blox, and Talon G are all anti-coagulants.

We carry the full Line of Bell Laboratories rodenticides

Noted for outstanding rodent acceptance and control, Bell’s rodenticides contain the highest grade rat poison toxicants and inert ingredients. To meet the wide demands of rodent control, Bell manufactures rodenticides in several formulations: extruded BLOX, pellets, seed, meal, liquid bait and tracking powder. Active ingredients manufactured at Bell include: bromadiolone, diphacinone, bromethalin, brodifacoum, sodium salt of diphacinone and zinc phosphide.

Snap Trap, Rat Snap Traps & Rodent Snap Traps


Rat snaps traps are the tried and true mechanics of rat control and elimination.  Used for centuries the theory has not changed but the science behind the machine has continued to improve.  With better technology and higher grade products rat snap traps can and will work successfully on any size rat.  New lures such as Provoke Rat Lure make the rat snap traps such as T-Rex even more attractive.

Rodent Control Solutions

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