Choosing the Right Bait For Rodent Control

The level of rodent activity determines the proper bait for the job.  Proper bait selection and application will determine the success of the rodent control job.

Knockdown and Cleanout

  • Final and Fastrac are good for quick knockdown of population to a manageable population.  An acute rodenticide, like Bromethalin found is fastrac, works in the shortest amount of time.
  • Select a higher toxicity, single-feed rodenticide for a heavy infestation where there is strong food competition within the active population.

Reduction and Elimination

Contrac and Final

  • Controls a persistent infestation
  • In areas where a non-target animals are present, select a single-feeding bait which is lower in toxicity ( Contrac)
Final Rodenticide
Contrac Blox Rodenticide

Prevention and Maintenance

Contrac and JT Eaton

  • Once the population is under control, maintain a comprehensive rodent control program
  • Monitor for new activity
  • A second-generation anticoagulant (Contrac) is recommended for occasional invaders to ensure they ingest a lethal dose in a single feed.
  • Bait stations are highly recommended for whichever bait you choose
JT Eaton Bait Blox
Contrac Blox Rodenticide

Choosing the Correct Bait Formulation

Extruded Blox Bait

  • Most popular choice
  • Highly palatable and weatherable
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Features multiple gnawing edges
  • Has a hole down center for easily securing into bait stations


  • Pellets are excellent choice for burrow baiting
  • Weatherablilty makes pellets popular for moist weather conditions
  • Hard, compact shape satisfies a rodent’s desire to gnaw

Pellet Rodenticide

Liquid Baits

  • Ideal for use when food is abundant
  • Liquid Bait (liqua tox) is more acceptable for dry areas
  • Strategically place liquid baits where rodents will readily encounter them

Liquid Rat Bait

Do not place bait in rat burrows, rats are neophobic and will remove any foreign object.

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