Ant Treatment for Food Handling Areas – Phantom Insecticide

Phantom Insecticide For Ants & Roaches In Food Handling Areas

Phantom for food handling areas just got a lot more deadly for ants and roaches.

Phantom Insecticide is the first liquid non repellent.

Finally, the unpatrolled power of a new undetectable liquid pest control product has been approved for the use in commercial food handling areas.

Phantom utilizes groundbreaking undetectable, non repellent technology to wipe out entire ant and roach populations. It is a water based formulation that is virtually odor-less and leaves no residue.

Fast Facts About Phantom Insecticide in Food Service Areas

Phantom Aerosol

  • Undetectable, non-repellent technology
  • Virtually-odorless, low residue formulation
  • Low Human Hazard
  • Long Residual
  • Targeted application
  • Works with existing pest control programs (baits, etc)
  • Can be reapplied every 4 weeks as needed and can be used in conjunction with baits, but allow all phantom to completely dry before baiting.

Where to Use:

Appliance and walls, door jams, 0.5% phantom solutions is highly effective for a spot treatment.

Bathrooms, kitchen, utility rooms and entry areas where you have moisture and food.

Kitchens: Sink areas can be treated with a spot or crack and crevice treatment, treat where the cabinet meets the floor and wall as well as kick plate. Always treat the back splash area. Remove all items from under sink cabinet. Can be applied directly into ant nest, can be applied underneath the dishwasher. Corner cabinets can be a likely place to harbor ants and roaches.

Under the stove should be spot treated, counter top stoves you should remove the draw and clean this area out and spray or place bait.

Inspect the upper cabinets, especially for pharaoh ants.

Where do ants and cockroaches lurk?

  • Under, around and between large appliances
  • Food preparation and service areas
  • Under small, seldom-moved appliances
  • Around dish washing equipment
  • In and around floor drains
  • Pipes-especially around condensation and leaks
  • inside mop and broom closets
  • Under and around food storage shelves
  • In the bar…drains, taps, mixer dispensers, ice machines
  • Storage cabinets
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