Ants No More Product Information

Ants-No-More Ant Bait Station

Ants No More


Ants No More


Features, Advantages & Benefits





Blends with environment


Rugged one piece construction

Durable polypropylene

Long lasting

Stake design

Easy placement

Saves time, increased stability

Tamper resistant lid

Prevents accidental opening

Safe to use

Varied height/depth placement

Easy grip, adjustable ground height

Flexible height for entry holes

Accommodates all types of bait

Divided bait bowl

Bait option

UV Protection

Reduces sunlight to bait attract ants

Less deterioration of bait, visual inspection of bait

Sliding bait stop

Reduces spillage when trap is inverted

Reduces bait cost and is safe for operator

Unique design

Waterproof, spill free lid and easy to clean unit

Hassle free inspection and refills

Informative trap lid

Identifies target pest and product

Eliminates misusage


Can be used in wet environments

Baits last longer

 Double entry holes

Increased ant movement in and out of trap

Quicker eradication of nest

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